Sentiment analysis

Know the tone of a message even before you’ve read it

Use Levity to extract the tone of messages instantly, even on a large scale.
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Know the tone of a message even before you’ve read it

Why bother?

Want to set up social media automated listening? Want to track your product reviews? Or do you want to delete those angry emails so you can have a moment of peace? It all starts with sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis is a method that helps you understand the tone of any text: It classifies messages as positive, negative, or neutral. With Levity, you can use this method to understand your customers better.

Our software enables you to:

  • Prioritize customer support tickets: Prioritize negative customer feedback or even have it automatically escalated to supervisor level
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Track feedback trends over time, send automated messages, or even tag open-ended questions from Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.
  • Enhance customer segmentation: Pair sentiment analysis with quantitative data to understand a particular segment – e.g., determine if customers who spend less time on your website are more pessimistic. Conclude whether this may prevent them from spending money on your website.
  • Track how people feel about specific actions: Getting a numerical understanding of what people think about a particular change may be crucial to anticipating future events or even changing the course early
  • Supercharge brand monitoring: React quickly to brand mentions across the internet, especially useful when dealing with negative comments

Levity lets you do this all with ease. Connect the required data source(s) and plugin a pre-built or customized model for sentiment analysis. Then specify what you need and see how it helps you.

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