Data Types and Applications: Structured vs Unstructured Data

Let's get clarity on the differences between structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data - and what you can actually do with these!

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Human-in-the-Loop in Machine Learning: What is it and How Does it Work?

Human in the loop (HITL) is a well-known and powerful concept for reaching outstanding collaboration and performance in artificial intelligence.

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How to Build an Image Classification Dataset

Find out how to build your own image classification dataset to feed your no-code model for the most accurate possible predictions.

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How to Automate Processes with Unstructured Data

The vast majority of business processes involve unstructured data. Streamlining them has always been a struggle...but now there is machine learning.

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How Do Machines Learn? A Beginners Guide

How do machines learn? When you are getting started with AI, you have to know the basics of how machines learn. Let's dive in

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Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning – What’s The Difference?

Machine learning and deep learning are two sides of the same coin. Same same but different. Reason enough to clarify a few things!

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