No-code AI in 2021

Understanding what no-code AI actually is. It allows non-technical users to train, test and deploy machine learning models fast without code!

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What is AIaaS: definitions, benefits and guide to vendors

Wondering what AI as a service is and what advantages it brings? One and only guide to the topic you'll need.

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Data types and applications: Structured vs unstructured data

Let's get clarity on the differences between structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data - and what you can actually do with these!

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Beyond the hype of process automation: Differences between RPA, AI & IPA

Wondering what the differences between IPA, RPA, and AI are and how they support productivity and growth? Look no further.

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Industry 5.0: Leadership in the era of AI

While companies are still trying to realize Industry 4.0, the combination of machine-human decision-making is posing new challenges to leadership.

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Manage your inbox with AI: A guide for customer service agents

The best customer service teams are setting clear objectives and use AI to enhance their own performance: What you need to know to get started.

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