What is Text Analysis: Techniques, Applications & Examples

Understanding how to process unstructured text data in your company's processes from emails and customer feedback to categorizing service requests

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What is data extraction & how does it work?

A guide to data extraction for process owners - including some great tools - and why sometimes data extraction is not the answer.

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What are workflows vs. processes (and how to make them intelligent)

Defining the difference between a workflow vs. a process - and figuring out which intelligent automation solution is best for your company

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What is data classification: types, applications, and best practices

Learn how to apply data classification by understanding the various types of classification to automate tasks and use your data potential fully

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Data Science vs ML vs AI: Hiring the right skillset

Addressing the misconceptions around building a machine learning, data science or AI team + determining which solution is right for your organization

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How to think like a machine

The 5 stages of understanding what Levity's AI product can do and how you can use the AI for machine learning for tasks well beyond classification

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