Lobe vs. Levity - Comparison Between Two No-Code AI Platforms

A comparison of Lobe vs. Levity - no-code machine-learning tools that deal with classification tasks

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How to Think Like a Machine

The 5 stages of understanding what Levity's AI product can do and how you can use the AI for machine learning for tasks well beyond classification

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Mapping the No-Code AI landscape

A while ago we realized how powerful no-code AI truly is – and we thought it would be a good idea to map out the players on the field.

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colabel becomes Levity

We changed our brand name from colabel to Levity to better reflect the nature of our product. Our co-founder shares how it all came about.

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Leveling the Playing Field of AI

AI should not be the privilege of large tech firms. We help to democratize access to these powerful technologies, regardless of the company size.

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The Next Wave of Automation

The next wave of automation will be led by tools that can process unstructured data, have open connections, and focus on end-user experience.

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