Alexa, what's the weather like today?

Mostly cloudy with chances of showers and maybe even a thunderstorm!

Amazon's Alexa is a great example of how integral Artificial Intelligence has become in our daily lives. AI usage is at an all-time high. 71% Of people prefer voice search over traditional typing while 62% of consumers are willing to use AI for a better buying experience. When customers are ready to adopt AI technology, what’s stopping you and your marketing efforts?

We put together this AI for Marketing crash course to show how you can use AI to grow your business.

What is AI for marketing?

Artificial Intelligence enables organizations to improve their overall marketing efforts. AI can automate your everyday marketing tasks like scheduling and sending emails or predicting campaign performance. It also goes even further by personalizing experiences for both marketers and consumers.

Since speed, efficiency, and personalization play a big part in today’s customer journey, using AI to forecast demand and make smart decisions is a necessity.

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So why you should use Artificial intelligence in your marketing?

Build stronger customer relationships

AI tools like chatbots provide 24/7 customer support, and are always available to help customers. This allows customer service teams to save time responding to common queries and focus on other important tasks and complex queries. 

Faster data-driven decision making

Marketing tools make it possible to sift through mountains of data in much quicker time. AI-powered systems build on top of these tools to generate helpful insights and reach the right customers at the right time. 

Boost campaign ROI

Developing content that resonates with your audience and converts customers is more likely with AI decision-making. With historical data, run campaigns based on the type of content your audience engages with and add value to their journey. This affects your bottom line and increases your campaign's ROI.

Personalize the content with customer data

If you don't know your customer's preferences—what they want and don't want—it's difficult to gauge and create something that works for them. 

Customer data such as demographics, buying history, and location can help you identify prospects interested in your products or services. The best way to get and decode this data is with Artificial Intelligence.

Automate repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks drain energy and take time. Do you often feel tired and sometimes demotivated doing the same thing over and over? Then let Levity automate your mundane tasks like emails, survey analysis, reporting, answering common queries, and more. You can use the time and money saved with AI to solve complex problems and innovate.

Levity is an AI automation tool that makes marketers’ life easier. It requires no coding knowledge and connects to your existing tools to remove repetitive, mundane tasks.

Think you can’t automate your workflow? Think again!

With Levity, even complex data such as images, documents, and free-form text can be automated. Connect your existing systems to AI without writing a single line of code

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Think you can’t automate your workflow? Think again!

With Levity, even complex data such as images, documents, and free-form text can be automated. Connect your existing systems to AI without writing a single line of code

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6 AI marketing use cases

There’s a good chance that AI can help you automate and improve the online marketing activities you or your teams undertake. Here are some use cases of AI in marketing.

1. Content moderation and generation

Moderating content across all social media platforms is a popular example of a time-consuming and error-prone activity. Automation is the best to get this right, and you needn’t look further than AI-powered platforms to make moderation easy.

For example, Levity's content moderation AI quickly searches through all the relevant data across the social media channels you want to scan. It filters, tags and prioritizes based on your preferences - freeing up your team's time to focus on more critical tasks. With Levity, you can moderate and generate an error and bias-free content.


Flow on Levity to moderate user generated content
Moderate content with Levity

2. Ad targeting and analysis

Who do you want your ads to target? What are your customer personas? Where can they see your ads, when, and how?

AI platforms help you create targeted ads that get the right people to engage at the right time. They also allow you to analyze your ads before they even go live.

Levity, for instance, predicts ad performance before you test it. Ads are expensive—and  may burn holes in your wallet if you keep testing  without evaluating their performance. Irrelevant ads can turn customers off and make them lose trust in your business.

How can AI help?

  • Test your ad content before publishing.
  • Train your AI model with historical ad data to get better results.
  • Get data-driven performance metrics and improve conversion rates.
  • Lower costs by choosing relevant ads that work and convert.
Flow on Levity to estimate ad performcance
Check your ad performance with Levity

An example of this in action is Facebook. Facebook focuses heavily on targeted advertising to achieve the highest market cap and edge out the competition. Deep Learning also plays a big part here, as Facebook uses Deep Neural Networks to determine which ads to show to whom intelligently.

3. Social media listening and brand awareness

Social listening involves tracking online mentions of your brand and repurposing them to increase brand awareness. Doing this manually is inconvenient, time-consuming, and it is impractical to scan across all platforms and mentions. 

AI platforms like Levity unify your social listening experience in one place. You can then cut through the noise and choose which social engagements to prioritze.

Why use an AI solution for social listening?

  • Understand the tone and intent.
  • Discover social media trends and optimize your messaging.
  • Discover potential customers to start conversations with.
  • Find influencers to collaborate with.
  • Actively engage with your audience.
  • Address complaints or other issues mentioned on social channels.
  • Monitor your social performance and adjust as needed.
Flow on Levity to track keyword engagement
Capture and prioritize social mentions with Levity

4. Churn predictive analytics

AI can also be used to help predict customer churn. How? By analyzing the responses to your Net Promotor Score survey, general customer sentiment, and previous communications with the client.

You likely have tons of data from previous interactions with clients. Some of these clients are still with you; others aren’t. By analyzing past conversations and communications with clients you’re able to identify common characteristics amongst customers who’ve stopped using your services. 

This can help you step in and nurture user relationships before it’s too late. 

Analyzing NPS score with Levity

5. Data analysis

AI analytics use Machine Learning techniques to analyze data on the go, provide key customer insights, uncover patterns, and establish data relationships. With AI tools, you can determine what works and doesn't for your business and how your customers interact with you.

Data-based insights facilitate decision-making. You can easily decide how to adjust your marketing campaigns based on the information at hand.

6. Image recognition

Image recognition is a staple in Artificial Intelligence. It uses Deep Learning to detect patterns in images and videos. You can identify places, objects, and actions to learn more about your customers and auto-tag and label items when needed. 

This helps marketers segment customers and create more targeted campaigns. With Levity you can upload an image data-set, give it labels of your choice and connect to your workflows. Any new images that flow in will be analysed by Levity and automatically given the correct labels and sent in the right direction.

Check out this quote from Veneka, one of our image recognition users. Veneka use Airtable to keep track of inventory but thanks to Levity, their Airtable dashboard is now automatically updated, no need to manually classify and tag images as they come in. This also means their online stores can be instantly updated.

“Manual tagging slows down our onboarding efforts. With Levity, we identify and tag 60+ product attributes accurately, significantly speeding up how quickly our stylists use new products in their capsules.” — Shivika Sinha, CEO Veneka
Categorize fashion items

An example of image recognition is Facebook’s DeepFace. Not only does it analyze images for tags and descriptions but also trains its AI models enabling precise recognition with minimal errors. 7

AI is a complex technology, but that does not mean it has to be complex to implement. 

There’s a good reason why some companies are reluctant to adopt it—they lack adequate IT infrastructure and talented developers. Many small businesses cannot afford to set up a sophisticated AI framework. They just don't have the budget and choose to look the other way. But there is a way to overcome this. No-code AI tools like Levity are a great solution for businesses. You can create and train your AI model with your own data without any coding skills. You can also use a pre-made template to give you a head start. No need to set up any elaborate infrastructure or have a engineering team  to automate your workflows. Levity does this for you.

Why to choose Levity

  • Create custom AI models on the go. Build AI models that fit your needs based on the workflows you want to automate, images, documents, text, and more.
  • You don't have to be an expert to use Levity. As a no-code AI solution, Levity is easy to use and requires no coding expertise.
  • Levity caters to businesses of all sizes. Size is not a bar for Levity. Works for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and even corporations.
  • Built on a powerful AI Engine. Levity features powerful AI while offering a simple user interface. It’s built on advanced technologies like AutoML, providing users with a strong and resilient platform to operate on.
  • Train AI models to improve over time. You can train your AI with relevant training data to evolve. This helps you in times of crisis or market changes. Levity makes your AI capable of adapting to any situation.

Start using Levity today

AI is no longer the future—it’s very much the present. Start your AI in marketing journey by signing up to Levity today, and begin optimizing your customer’s experience fast.

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