We've all been there: waking up with great aspirations for the day. Checking our inbox and ending up spending hours reading, replying, and categorizing emails when this time could - and should - be spent on other important and, let’s face it, more interesting tasks. 

But what options do we have to change this? Let your mailbox fill up and deal with it at the end of the week? Hello, overwhelming email chaos! What about only answering urgent emails? Sure - if you can easily identify these and don’t care about missing potentially important mails. 

What's worse, the problem doesn't stop once you finally hit the magical inbox 0. In reality, trying to keep your inbox clear can be the biggest productivity killer.

On average, we spend 28% of our workweek reading and answering emails. Only changing the process can bring long-term relief.

Levity’s AI automation is shaking up this mundane, never-ending email process. Take a look at how lead generation company Incendium Strategies boosts their outbound email marketing with Levity. 

Using Levity’s no-code AI, Incendium built a scalable email model, onboarded their entire team, saved time, and reached their goals, all within two months of signing up.

Email Chaos got you down?

Stop monitoring every reply in your inbox manually. Let AI free up your team from tedious routing tasks, and build powerful automation on top!

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Email Chaos got you down?

Stop monitoring every reply in your inbox manually. Let AI free up your team from tedious routing tasks, and build powerful automation on top!

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How is Levity different? 

If you identified a cluttered inbox as a problem, you've probably already created custom folders. Maybe you even automated forwarding of certain emails. These are rule-based solutions to the problem.

But do they truly solve all your pain?

Filtering by sender only works for current, mostly unimportant accounts.

Filing emails from senders that usually send you the same (unimportant) emails is easy. Just select their emails and set up a rule that those emails (newsletters, confirmations, updates) are put in a folder. That way, you can read them later (or never, we won’t tell) and keep your inbox clean.

The first problem here is that you have to set a new rule for every new account. The bigger problem is that those senders could have urgent emails every now and then, which you might miss.

Filtering for keywords misses important emails.

Another option is to look for keywords in emails. For example, you could set up rule-based automation that forwards any emails that contain the word "application" or "resume" to HR.

If you tried this, you know how much noise wrong keywords can generate. Also, many emails are left out because they don't mention the exact terms you expected. Plus, finding the right keywords is often a time-intensive trial-and-error process.

Rules don't learn.

The third problem with setting fixed rules for automation is that they don't adapt. Creating a sophisticated system of keywords, folders and forwarding can work in the short term. As your communications and processes change, they need to be adapted continuously.

Intelligent automation is fast, reliable, and adaptive

Luckily, there's a solution you can implement today. Through Machine Learning technology, Levity classifies your emails by their content. Let's see how this improves the process:

Easier Setup

Guessing possible keywords and email flows from future conversations is complex and time-intensive.
With AI, you don't have to think about that. Just provide examples of each email type, and the AI will learn to identify them by itself.

Levity removes this pain point. All you need is some sample data to train the AI on. Give it your chosen data labels and once this is done, it will learn to identify emails itself.

Categorize Email Responses with Levity

Increased Accuracy

Machine Learning tools like Levity can analyze the whole content of an email much more accurately than using pre-defined  keywords. As a result, more relevant emails are identified and wrong detections kept to a minimum.

Continuous Learning

Potentially the best asset of an intelligent email classification tool like Levity is that it is continuously learning. The AI is not limited to fixed keywords but instead will detect new patterns while learning from any prior mistakes. 

Training your email classifier with Levity - just a few clicks and you're done!

You can do it yourself

Don't be scared away by fancy terminology! You can use Machine Learning to automate your email process today - without ever having to write a line of code. Here's how you can do it in Levity:

  1. Collect and upload examples of emails the AI should detect. 
  2. Upload the data to Levity so that the AI can train itself on your custom labels and categorizations. 
  3. Test the AI by uploading an email not used as part of your original sample. This will tell you the performance score of your AI and how it will act in the ‘real world’.
  4. Connect Levity to the tools you are already using like Gmail, Outlook, and Slack. 
  5. Congrats! You’ve set up your AI-powered automation that works around the clock for you and takes mundane tasks off your shoulders.

Take a look at some of the custom automations our users are doing based on email content: 

         • Categorize customer support tickets

         • Forward emails to the people in your organization that can answer them best.

         • File important attachments to pre-specified folders.

Easy and efficient email management does not have to stay a pipedream just because you do not have a team of engineers to implement a fancy solution. Tools like Levity are powered by sophisticated AI under the hood while staying simple on the surface. Meaning you reap all the benefits of powerful AI without writing a single line of code. 

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