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Now bringing ChatGPT superpowers to your automated workflows. Connect Levity with OpenAI to instantly draft replies and enhance your customer communication.

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Open AI's ChatGPT is a generative AI platform that enables businesses to create conversations with their prospects and customers. It can be used to generate personalized responses, automate customer service interactions, and provide an effortless customer experience.

What can I do with Levity and ChatGPT?

Biz teams are now able to enjoy the full power of AI automatiom by syncing Levity's classification AI with chatGPT's generative AI. Boost your productivity by automating every step of your outbound email management workflow: from the reading to the sorting, tagging, log in, and even writing. Focus on creating meaningful customer connections and drive success.

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Simple but powerful AI for documents, images, and text, that automates your daily repetitive tasks. Connect your workflows in minutes, without a single line of code.

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