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Growth Intern (f/x/m)

Berlin or remote

Do you have what it takes to grow a deep tech startup? 🙋

Building on initial traction with customers, we are entering the scaling phase. Now is the time to experiment with different marketing & sales strategies to figure out how we can fuel exponential growth.

To help us with this, we are looking for an ambitious and inventive Growth Intern to achieve fast growth using cutting-edge tools, platforms, and techniques. Whether you are into customer acquisition, managing your own sales pipeline, have a love for activation or all of them: We enable you to take these initiatives forward and will give you the support you need.

Join the Levity team for 12+ weeks! 🧠

We are looking for someone who makes things happen. We will not make you drown in routine tasks and we also know that after a certain age, babysitters are no longer "cool". When we choose to work with you, we treat you as a full member of the team and give you all the support that you need to succeed.

Hard perks:

  • Become a pro at digital marketing techniques like conversion tracking, A/B testing, ad campaigns, content marketing and more
  • Work with the best software & tools on the market (Webflow, Segment, FB/Google/LinkedIn Ads, Zoominfo/Clearbit)
  • Define, manage, and measure your own projects
  • Develop automation and process flows where needed
  • Work from anywhere you find stable Internet

Soft perks:

  • Work with the founders on a daily basis
  • Learn how modern software companies are run
  • Be able to tell great stories about "that time I worked in the AI space" (superb conversation starter at family gatherings)

Sounds like you? 🙌

  • 4th semester Bachelor or higher, all fields of study (gap year students welcome)
  • Outcome-oriented & self-motivated
  • Able to independently & diligently move projects forward
  • Demonstrated interest in software products, machine learning, and automation
  • Work experience in a fast-paced environment (startup, VC, banking, consulting) and/or hands-on knowledge of running campaigns (LinkedIn, AdWords, FB/IG, outbound) are a plus

About Levity 🛠

We are a well-funded, early-stage software startup on a mission: We give users the simplest AI experience in the world and let them automate mindless, repetitive work that can currently only be performed by humans.

We believe that AI offers tremendous benefits for all kinds of companies and that its use will become inevitable to succeed in global, competitive markets. With our platform, we allow innovators to build custom AI solutions, based on their company-specific data and use cases, without the need to write a single line of code.

We have an office in Berlin but our colleagues and customers are spread around the globe.

Should you apply?

Before you send us your CV and motivation letter, please think carefully about whether and why you want to work with us. We see dozens of uninspired applications every day and none of them makes it through. If we get the slightest hint that this is just another careless application, you will not make it very far.

We are a very friendly and joyful but small team, which means that the fate of the company rests on the shoulders of everyone – from Intern to Head of X. We expect that we can turn our back on you on your first day and the easiest way to show us that you can handle that responsibility is to show up prepared. If not, we strongly urge you not to apply.

We are waiting for you!

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