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Operations Intern (f/x/m)

Berlin or remote

Help us scale our (digital) operations! 🙋

Operations sounds like manual work, doesn't it? Well, we are a deep tech company in the automation space – doing things manually is the last thing we like doing. When we speak of operations, we think about building process automation using tools like Zapier or Integromat, combining all possible data we collect about customers in a single model via Segment and friends, or improving our analytics stack.

Join the Levity team for 5+ months! 🙌

We are looking for a driven person who makes things happen. We will not make you drown in routine tasks and we also know that after a certain age, babysitters are no longer "cool". When we choose to work with you, you become a full member of the team and get all the support that you need to succeed.

Hard perks:

  • Define, manage, and measure your own projects
  • Become a pro at process optimization and automation
  • Work with the best software & tools on the market (Segment, Intercom, Heap, Mixpanel, ...)
  • Develop automation and process flows
  • Build customer data models (that's a lot more exciting than we make it sound)

Soft perks:

  • Learn how modern software companies are run
  • Work with the founders on a daily basis
  • Work from anywhere you want, stable Internet provided
  • Be able to tell great stories about "that time I worked in the AI space" (superb conversation starter at family gatherings)

Sounds like you? 🤓

  • 4th semester or higher
  • Outcome-oriented & self-starter
  • Strong interest in learning new tools
  • Must be able to work remotely if situation prevails
  • Working knowledge with programming is a plus (any language)

About Levity 🛠

We are a well-funded, early-stage software company with a focus on AI technologies. Our software gives users the simplest AI experience in the world and lets them automate mindless, repetitive work that can currently only be performed by humans.

We believe that AI offers tremendous benefits for all kinds of companies and that its use will become inevitable to succeed in global, competitive markets. With our platform, we allow innovators to build custom AI solutions, based on their company-specific data and use cases, without the need to write a single line of code.

How to apply 💌

Our pipeline is currently filled. However, we are happy to interview you earlier than this and possibly offer you a position starting September 2021 or later!

We are waiting for you!

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