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How Incendium automates 1000 email responses a day with Levity


If there is anything that companies across all industries have to deal with,  it is incoming emails. 

A few emails can be easily managed by one person, but at a certain point the growing number in your inbox can feel more like a weight on your shoulders rather than company growth.

This is exactly how Anthony Cicconi who leads accounts at Incendium had been feeling for a long time, Incendium is a growth studio and consultancy specializing in go-to-market strategy, campaign management, and strategic advisory for B2B tech and tech-enabled companies. As their customer base grew exponentially, they needed a solution to put an end to  wasting hours  on an overwhelming amount of incoming emails, while keeping the high quality of their work.

And that’s where Levity came in!

Turning an overwhelming inbox into a growth flywheel through AI-powered automation

Incendium defines themselves as ‘a B2B growth studio with a focus on sustainable go-to-market strategies’. They support high-growth tech companies with sales strategy and outreach to potential customers via email and LinkedIn. Their campaigns’ success largely comes from feeding each prospect’s response back into marketing campaigns, building a powerful feedback loop for their clients. 

This approach has dramatically boosted the quality and engagement of their client’s email campaigns. They managed to double prospects’ responses to outbound email campaigns, as well as convert these responses into actionable client meetings.

The company’s success translated into a growing client base - but with over a thousand email replies coming in every day, the human time cost was incredibly painful for Incendium. Their team’s time was being wasted on repetitive tasks that, while being crucial, were slowing them down. 

The manual, detail-oriented process of triaging and logging numerous unique data points for each individual response was becoming unsustainable. They were approaching critical mass and needed a solution. It was at this point that  Anthony Cicconi discovered Levity and decided to try it as a solution to their overflowing inboxes

“Initially, going through all of the ‘Unsubscribe’ responses would take each member of our team around 20 minutes every day, which might not sound like a lot, but that ends up being around two hours a week per person. These are the kind of tasks that can feel very dry and stumble your process in the day. Levity has given us that time back - those extra two hours a week to be able to focus on more important, impactful and strategic work is the real key here.”

Anthony Cicconi

Account Director at Incendium

Time saved by incendium using Levity to automate their email outbound campaign responses
Levity helps the Incendium team save 72h per month

Intelligent automation that speaks your language

As a consulting firm that stays at the forefront of new technologies, Incendium has always kept AI automation in the back of their minds. 

Typical rule-based automation tools may not have an issue with identifying emails that simply say ‘Unsubscribe’, but human language is much more complex than that. In reality, these emails can contain all kinds of phrases and lingusitic errors , such as: ‘I want to stop receiving these emails’, ‘Unsbuscribe’, ‘Stop’, ‘Not interested’, etc.

The difference between relying on specific keywords and using AI to detect patterns and sentiment in human speech was the key that unlocked a wave of new potential for Incendium.

Prior to tools like Levity, dedicated ML resources were required to develop and implement these solutions. This meant that for Incendium and others, it was just not feasible and placed on the back burner.

There seemed to be a gap in the market for companies who wanted a simplified solution with the power and customization of AIaaS (AI as a Service).

For Incendium, Levity represented the ideal solution, allowing them to build a sophisticated email response workflow quickly, easily, and within budget.

Levity helps you scale while minimising manual effort

How Levity is doing the heavy lifting for Incendium

Incendium operates mass outreach to help their clients grow their customer base, sending thousands of emails every week. Being able to draw valuable insights from responses to these emails is an important part of their work. 

They log the responses and details of each lead into a database to be able to look back on it. However, sifting through c.1000 email responses every day and manually categorizing these became a massive pain point for Incendium

Initially, Incendium did not have a clear picture of what their ideal solution would look like. However, after looking at the issues at hand, the team at Levity quickly developed a workflow that matched Incendium’s needs and would bring about a time and effort saving solution that was easy for them to implement - without any extra resource requirements.

Anthony, started by training an AI Block to differentiate ‘Unsubscribe’ responses from ’Legitimate Responses’. He uploaded 2000 text data points for each of these labels and got an accuracy of 98%. This AI Block represents the core use case of all of their clients, so they were able to use this one AI Block as the starting point for all of  their flows, of which they have one for each of their clients.

The Levity team has been working closely with Incendium to adapt the AI to their needs, connecting Levity to their Google Sheets and Gmail accounts, and incorporate into them any new requested features. 

For example, at one point in the process, Anthony realized an important part of the flow would be to mark the classified emails as read. After sharing this request with our engineers, their flow’s new feature was ready and in use in a matter of a few hours. Within just weeks of signing up, they had already rolled out several end-to-end integrations and were seeing immediate positive impact of this work.

The initial implementation of their workflow only took Incendium one week to set up, having the input and support of the Levity team to customise their workflow whenever needed. After this, more customisation came along and the whole Incendium team, composed of ten people, was using Levity only six weeks after they began the process. Our teams are still working together to set up more complex workflows that can be implemented in other departments to free up even more time from their workload.

“The workflow is truly crucial in the sense that we know that Levity is always running in the background and it is keeping our inbox cleared out. Every time we go back to our inbox, we know that only the emails that remain marked as unread are the ones that require immediate attention. So it allows us to spend as little time as possible on the maintenance related tasks and able to jump back into strategic work more quickly.”

Anthony Cicconi

Account Director at Incendium

Mareile Woelwer from Vetevo
We never used machine learning in our lab before but Levity's solution provided a big benefit.
Mareile Woelwer
CEO, Vetevo
Florian Richter from Everystay
Getting dev capacities is always a struggle. Levity enables me to just build AI automations myself.
Moritz Wahrlich
Business Analyst, Hear.com
Jason Conner from Kuehne + Nagel
We built an AI in 30 mins to review our contractor onboarding docs — without a single data scientist.
Vu Francois
CPO, Soko

You can too use Levity to help your team save hundreds hours of manual work and invest it where it’s needed the most! Sign up now and enjoy our 30-day free trial.

How Levity brings the power of automation to businesses of all sizes

Even though the AI market is estimated as being worth almost $100 billion, it is still an unknown area for the majority of companies. In traditional cases, those who are brave enough to embark on understanding it often find themselves facing steep learning curves just to get started.

Those initial pains pay off when the user realizes what AI can do for their daily lives, but this “aha” moment is hidden behind requirements to know code and countless setup hours.

At Levity we solved these pains, offering people an opportunity to set up their own AI powered workflows without writing a single line of code. Our users self-onboard and reach the milestone of making real predictions without needing any one-on-one training. 

The instant achievement of automating mundane daily tasks allows companies to redirect their best assets, their human workforce, towards more profound and strategic work.

Incendium moved to incorporate Levity AI into their business processes at just the right moment. With the ease of set-up, personalized one-on-one support, and straightforward interface of Levity, they built a scalable model, onboarded their entire team, saved time to focus on new goals. All within two months of signing up. Thanks to their Levity workflow, they managed to automatically process 1000 daily emails and save up to 16h every week.

“A solution like Levity is something we have always had in the back of our minds, however, once we reached a sort of critical mass it became prudent to explore this solution. Immediately, the flows built using Levity saved us time and brain space by keeping our inboxes clean and organized while also serving the critical function of accurately recording email responses.”

Nathaniel Houghton

CEO of Incendium

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