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How 3Strands Global Foundation amplified their impact with Levity


In today's digital landscape, the paradox of 'data rich but insight poor' is a universal struggle. Despite having a multitude of tools and data sources at their disposal, companies often find themselves submerged in information.

"We estimated that it would take an employee a whole year, reading intensely for four hours a day, to manually sort this information."

Ashlie Bryant


3Strands Global Foundation (3SGF), a non-profit committed to preventing human trafficking, found themselves in this exact position. They had collected a wealth of data through their PROTECT program, which educates individuals on recognizing and combating various forms of violence. Participants contribute their experiences and testimonials via a survey tool at the end of each session, adding to an backlog of over 32,000 stories. With this volume of data but a small team, 3SGF was stuck. we had no way of kind of quantifying it categorizing it without having our staff spend time reading these stories

We knew we had valuable information, but we couldn't leverage it. - Ashlie Bryant, CEO

Businesses are in a race to solve the same issue. Failing to unlock the value of data is a costly misstep that damages growth and innovation. Falling behind could mean losing out to competitors who get there first. In this high-stakes environment, a future-proof solution isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

3SGF recognized the urgency of their situation. They needed a solution that could not only make sense of this data but also integrate seamlessly into their existing workflow. One of the common dilemmas businesses face at this point is the lack of time or resources to change processes or adopt new tools. However, Ray realized that being "too busy" was precisely the signal that they couldn't afford to wait any longer. This leap of faith proved transformative for 3SGF.

Once the model was built, the survey categorization was done in minutes instead of years. Literally, we saved years. - Ashlie Bryant, CEO

The cornerstone of 3SGF's success is Levity's advanced language tools, which utilize Large Language Models (LLMs) for a nuanced understanding of text. Unlike traditional keyword-based or rule-driven methods, these models identify subtle and implicit meanings in the stories collected. They are processed through a Levity’s AI, which is then prompted to pinpoint key indicators in the authors' testimonials about their personal experience during the PROTECT program.

What makes this even more compelling is that this AI Block comes as an out-of-the-box feature. While it delivers custom-tailored insights for 3SGF, the same functionality is readily available for any organization, all prompted by natural language, in a simple, no-code interface. Levity’s simplicity makes it easy for any team to use AI for tasks like sorting emails, entering invoice data, and managing customer support tickets.

This plug-and-play workflow has been transformative for 3SGF, enabling them to process hundreds of new stories every week with outputs generated within seconds. And the advantages extend even further, highlighting the role of data analytics in pivotal organizational decisions.

We were able to pilot our training on a new platform and collect stories there. Then we used Levity to compare the two platforms, and that helped inform our decision to switch over to the new platform.

Cassidy Romig

Director of Analytics

Mareile Woelwer from Vetevo
We never used machine learning in our lab before but Levity's solution provided a big benefit.
Mareile Woelwer
CEO, Vetevo
Florian Richter from Everystay
Getting dev capacities is always a struggle. Levity enables me to just build AI automations myself.
Moritz Wahrlich
Business Analyst,
Jason Conner from Kuehne + Nagel
We built an AI in 30 mins to review our contractor onboarding docs — without a single data scientist.
Vu Francois
CPO, Soko

The ability to quantify the impact of their program has significantly elevated 3SGF's advocacy efforts. Key members of the organization visit Washington, D.C. every quarter to meet with policymakers at the Rayburn Senate building. During these meetings, they discuss the data and insights gathered from the PROTECT program, and processed through Levity, enabling them to present statistics to re-affirm the hard work of their organization.

This data-driven approach commands attention and keeps our mission front and center in DC. - Ashlie Bryant, CEO

In the face of overwhelming data, 3SGF found a lifeline in Levity's AI solutions, and they quickly realized that the first step towards transformation was much easier than they had envisioned. By making just a few key decisions and contacting the Levity team, Ray and his team initiated a chain reaction that cleared their data backlog and futureproofed their operational processes.

With the tools designed for ease and adaptability, any organization can mirror this success. Levity’s no-code AI automation tools are not only powerful but also incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that you can transition from data-overwhelmed to insight-rich without the stress.

Imagine reclaiming countless hours and converting them into strategic opportunities, all while staying within the comfort of your established systems. Our dedicated team is eager to guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing workflow.

Don’t let the potential locked within your data go unrealized. Reach out for a personalized demo, and let us guide you towards turning your data into one of your greatest assets. Your journey from daunting to done begins with a simple step—a conversation with Levity.

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