Ads media analysis

Predict the performance of ads prior to testing

How well is this ad set going to perform? Not sure, test it. Or use Levity instead.

Predict the performance of ads prior to testing

Why bother?

Some companies test hundreds of ad sets each month. This is not only costly, but it also alienates potential customers – ad fatigue at best, lost trust in the brand at worst.

Most ad platforms aren't helping either given that they reap the rewards of A/B tests in the form of ad spend.

What if there was a way to test image and copy prior to publishing a campaign?

That's what some of our users are doing: Train a custom AI model based on the historic performance of ad sets. This doesn't save the world but at least a bunch of dollars.

Trusted by leading teams

Predict which ad sets might perform best

"Best guess" selection of ad sets
Data-based indication of performance
Lost brand trust due to poor ads
Improved conversion rates off the bat
High cost for A/B testing
Reduced cost through improved ad-selection

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Less guessing

Mechanical arm

Optimized ad spend

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Happier shoppers

Rise above mundane tasks

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