Auto-tag product descriptions

Auto-tag Product Descriptions

Levity’s smart tagging engine automatically analyzes product specifications and classifies them into the categories you need

Auto-tag Product Descriptions

Why bother?

The product tagging process for online stores is in need of more efficient solutions that reduce manual work without affecting the quality of the user experience.

E-commerce stores have to manage large amounts of different items in their product catalogs. This involves hours of manual tagging according to different attributes, such as type of clothing, color, style, or pattern which costs time and money. Further, such subjective categorization is prone to human error and simply not scalable in the long run.

Apart from the operational costs, taxonomy optimization has become the key to understanding customer behavior. It can provide data about the performance of your product categories, enhance personalization for product recommendations and facilitate product discovery.

For example, If a new product is added to your online catalog, it can automatically be tagged as “Animal print”, “Dress”, “Summer vacation”, or any other label you currently use.

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Auto-tag your product catalog to create a convenient user experience

Hours of time spent on manual tagging instead of focusing on the important stuff.
Automate all product tagging in minutes, with minimum human interaction.
Human errors and inaccuracies show as the amount of data increases.
Given the right data, AI is more accurate than human intervention. Plus, it keeps learning as you go!
Lack of on-site personalization
Enrich product discovery and recommendation with custom categorizations for non-visual attributes such as style or theme.

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Prioritize meaningful work and save precious time.

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Minimize errors even with high volumes of data.

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Create a better UX and customer journey on the site.

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