Auto-tag real estate images

Label real estate images with artificial intelligence

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze and detect thousands of images such as room type, home features, furniture quality, and more!

Label real estate images with artificial intelligence

Why bother?

Want to make the most of your real estate images without the manual costs? Levity cuts out the middleman with automatic software and enables you to own the process.

With Levity, you can train AI models with your data to analyze real estate images. These models will then apply the right tags to each image and find the best order to attract consumers.

You know best what you could do with properly tagged data. Take a look at what one of our customers did:

  • He trained a custom AI model to detect room types based on existing images
  • Our algorithm then automatically applied the correct room tags
  • Based on the tags, their system arranged the images in the most optimal way

By optimizing the order of images, our customer was able to significantly drive conversion.

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Cheaper, faster and custom solution to your image needs

Manual image tagging by humans is slow and costly
Let our AI automatically tag all of your images
Efforts of handling user-generated content grows proportionally
Our artificial intelligence platform scales as you grow
Pre-built automation fails to deliver expected results for you
Make use of AI that was trained on your own data

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Save time

Spend less time on manually sorting and tagging images

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Track impact

Gain insights into fundamental aspects about your business

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Offer new products and services with built-in AI

Rise above mundane tasks

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