Categorize app crash reports

Get control over your app crash reports

Leverage a custom AI to analyze crash and bug reports from any data source.

Get control over your app crash reports

Why bother?

"I love going through our bug reports and assign the right category" – no developer, ever.

Crash reports are a double-edged sword: They are necessary, helpful to understand the problem, and they grant insights into structural issues that should to be prioritized. But they are also tedious to work with – especially if they come in hundreds.

As a response, one of our customers decided to train an AI model that could automatically tag crash reports according to the source of error, the topic, and the ideal recipient – whether that's engineering, product management, or external partners.

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Manual handling of crash reports
Automated handling and pre-processing
Information slips through the cracks
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No meta information on recurring issues
Your team gets the full picture of what to work on

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
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Train an AI according to your needs

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