Check documents for completeness

Check documents for missing inputs

Automatically verify if documents are signed and contain all the input you require.

Check documents for missing inputs

Why bother?

The administrative hassle associated with requesting client input is always tiresome. Things get even worse when you finally receive the required documents but find out a signature is missing. Technicalities like this can result in delays of multiple days.

Levity can help you with this. Automatically check if the documents you receive are filled out correctly. Send instant responses if inputs are missing, so senders can react before working on something else.

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Automatically respond if documents are incomplete to avoid delays

Checking if documents are properly filled out is a dull task and takes time
Levity automatically detects documents with missing inputs
Asking for re-submissions requires more email back-and-forth and results in time delays
Instant "missing input"-responses allow senders to quickly correct documents before starting their next task
Time delays result in dissatisfaction and potential business loss
Streamlined document approvals allow you to provide value more quickly

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Less dull work

Spend less time working like a machine and more time on high-value tasks

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Avoid delays

Complete administrative and legal procedures quickly

Male graduate

Efficient communication

Minimize administrative hassle for yourself and your clients

Rise above mundane tasks

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