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Customer onboarding

A smooth onboarding process is key to reduce time to value. Levity automatically analyzes customer documents in real-time and notifies your team when files are complete.

Customer onboarding

Why bother?

Getting all required customer data during onboarding can be a burden: Documents are missing signatures, scans are blurry, and pictures fail to show what's essential.

Manually checking documents is tedious. Getting back to customers to request missing records is even more tiresome.

At the same time, people are used to speedy interactions and will not tolerate a delay just to be told that their passport scan needs to be resubmitted. Worst case: They get annoyed and leave.

Levity helps you identify and verify documents automatically so that customers can get started right away.

With Levity, you can automatically:

  • Check if uploaded documents are legible, signed, and contain all information required,
  • Alert customers about incorrect uploads in real-time,
  • File documents based on their type, or
  • Trigger workflows that (for example) update files or send emails

... and more.

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Auto-check documents for a streamlined onboarding experience

Manually verifying documents is laborious
Automated document classification isn't
Document verification takes time, so does requesting re-uploads
Real-time feedback to customers speeds up the process
Long onboarding processes can lead to dropouts
Streamlined onboarding through instant approval of documents

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Better scalability

Apply manual work only when necessary

Mechanical arm

Rapid onboarding

Reduce time to value for your customers

Male graduate

Minimize dropouts

Send customers through a streamlined process

Rise above mundane tasks

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