Filter startup databases

Intelligently filter startup databases

Find out if startups actually fit your investment scope by analyzing their descriptions.

Intelligently filter startup databases

Why bother?

Filtering through potential leads on crunchbase, PitchBook, etc. is a huge effort for any investor. Startups tag themselves as #ai, #blockchain, #socialimpact etc. to appeal to VCs.

But when searching for companies, you are not looking for buzzwords. Plainly exporting filtered lists leads to significant noise.

Is AI actually at the core of the startup's offering, or did they just choose that category to become relevant for investors? Are you looking at a company or merely an idea or research project?

Often times the description offers a better indication if startups match your investment scope, but who has the time to read through all of them? Interns maybe.

Instead, Levity can do that work for you. Bring your own data or quickly tag our sample dataset to train a text classifier according to your personal investment scope.

Build a simple "in scope" vs. "out of scope" classifier in less than an hour or create custom categories for lead scoring and automated outreach – based on your own data.

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Intelligently filter and prioritize startups based on their descriptions

Many startups choose categories that misrepresent what they actually do
See through the facade and shortlist startups based on their actual activities
Filtering by industry leaves you with a bloated, yet often incomplete list
Decrease the amount of startups you need to look at and don't miss out on hidden leads
Manually sorting through lead lists takes time, hot investment opportunities are gone quickly
Build custom automations to reach out to promising startups

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Improve lead quality

Get lists that fit your investment criteria

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Save time

Eliminate manual filtering, look at less irrelevant leads

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Be the first

Automatically reach out to relevant startups as soon as they appear

Rise above mundane tasks

Get started


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