Get customer insights at scale

Understand customer insights at scale

Instantly classify incoming product reviews, client call notes, and customer feedback to specific products or features.

Understand customer insights at scale

Why bother?

An essential aspect of being a product manager is having pertinent insights into how customers are using your product. An efficient prioritization process must determine which features generate the most value and highlight where value is destroyed or obscured.

While quantitative stats are usually readily available, qualitative feedback is often crucial to understanding them. Qualitative data can originate from user interview transcripts, complaint forms, customer reviews, or even comment sections on social media. Analyzing and attributing them to specific product features usually takes up hours of manual work.

Levity enables you to instantly classify free-text data like online reviews, interview transcripts, or email feedback. Sort by content, sentiment, or whatever you deem most valuable. Save time on attribution, collect big-picture insights, and use your time to zoom in on the ones that seem most valuable.

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Get the most value out of what your customers are telling you

Tagging incoming reviews by specific product or feature can take a lot of time
Get instant insights by automatically analyzing feedback according to the dimensions you care about
Notifying the right people to see specific customer feedback usually requires back-and-forth communication
Automatically notify relevant people based on a review's content
Drilling down according to custom focal points is impossible for unstructured reviews
Auto-labelling customer insights enables you to filter them and quantify trends with ease

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Analyze what's important

Highlight meaningful customer insights and pinpoint your analysis

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Save time

Automate the assignment of reviews to specific features or products

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Prioritize intelligently

Get a big picture view of which features are important to customers

Rise above mundane tasks

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