Social listening

Go from reactive to proactive social media listening - with automation

Your customers are telling you what they want from your brand. Levity helps you cut through the noise and prioritize insights - automatically.

Go from reactive to proactive social media listening - with automation

Why bother?

Understanding the root of the problem, rather than an issue that's localized to a specific geographical area or a product feature is crucial for accurate and actionable strategy.

Unlike social monitoring – alerting you of a single problem with a quick fix – social listening helps you understand the sentiment behind something that someone writes online.

But it’s not only about solving immediate problems: Social listening provides you with information to uncover trends and optimize messaging.

Monitoring engagement or friction between keywords, discovering potential audiences and influencers and establishing a baseline for your brand allows you to be part of the conversation your customers are having – while it is happening.

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Look beyond the numbers and unlock the value of listening

Social engagements are full of noise
See the bigger picture for your brand
When everything is important, nothing is
Give issues the attention that it deserves
There are too many touch points for manual supervision
Keep an eye on progress in real time - and adjust when needed

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Meet your engagement goals

Identify and optimize your content

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Establish the baseline

Understand the sentiment and uncover trends

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Create meaningful connections

Understand the needs of customers in real-time

Rise above mundane tasks

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