Tag email attachments

Get control over your email attachments

Sort your files and save time by tagging your email attachments with Levity.

Get control over your email attachments

Why bother?

We all know the dreaded feeling. Overflowing inbox. Unread messages. Important attachments that can’t be lost. 

With Levity, you can regain control.

Our software automatically detects the type of attachment of your incoming emails, regardless of the name or file type. It then analyzes the content and applies a tag you’ve previously specified. 

The best part? You can even use Levity to forward the tagged attachment straight to the recipient automatically so you don’t have to.

We all need to be lazy sometimes. So get your time back with Levity.

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Levity starts where rule-based automation ends

Endless search in email archives
Quick find following your own logic
Workarounds using complex rules in email programs
Automatic retrieval & proper filing of attachments
Be left with the intelligence your email service offers
Scan emails from Outlook, Gmail, or any other service

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software


Let machines work during your most productive hours

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Less search

Find files rather than searching for hours

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Build powerful automation on top

Rise above mundane tasks

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