Insurance claims processing

Handle visual insurance claims with modern computer vision

Use Levity to examine claims and automate documentation even before they reach your team.

Handle visual insurance claims with modern computer vision

Why bother?

Handling insurance claims is tedious and time-consuming, and employees spend too much time manually processing them. There’s the handling requirements, not to mention the sheer amount. It can be a lot.

Levity’s AI can help navigate the separate parts of this process and take the pressure off. You can use Levity to automate visual tasks and analyze texts. Both can be combined and tailored to your business and expertise.

And these modern systems automatically learn and improve over time. This way, specialized employees can spend more time on the more demanding cases. Ease the pressure with Levity.

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Take your insurance ops to the next level

Claim data is scattered across platforms
Expedite and integrate claim settlements with known information
Rendering services and claim comments take time and knowledge
AI helps expedite handling through pre-processing of information
Decisions on pay, replace, or repair are prone to subjectivity
Optimize outcome scenarios and appraisals based on your rules

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Time savings

Automate your manual processes

Mechanical arm


Quick and effortless claim settlement

Male graduate

Reduced bias

Minimal human intervention leads to unbiased processing

Rise above mundane tasks

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