Levity vs. RPA software

What's the difference between Levity and other automation tools? Let's look at how our platform compares to Robotic Process Automation software.

Feature comparison



Process capabilities
Build end-to-end processes with complex logic.
Machine learning capabilities
Build and integrate machine learning models to automate data-related processes.
Ease of use
Intuitive software which does not require extensive training.
Cost of the solution, required technical knowledge needed for implementation.
Build models based on your own data, integrate apps, set personalized actions and triggers.


Feature availability
Excellent (fully available)
Good (partially available, e.g. plugins)
Fair (needs customization or limited)
Poor (not available)

Levity starts where RPA software fails

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software is generally good at enabling operators to automate some of their rule-based processes themselves. Adding intelligent in front of it is a nice gimmick but may still not be what some people need.

Our software is built specifically for workflows that require human judgment – be it interpreting an image, understanding text or categorizing a document upon quick glance.

Customize + integrate

Levity is built to be customizable, from workflow entry over models based on your data to where predictions are sent to. Connect to hundreds of integrations or call our API directly.
+ 100's more

Say goodbye to repetitive manual workflows