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Rise above
mundane tasks

Create your own AI for documents, images, or text that takes daily, repetitive tasks off your shoulders so your team can reach the next level of productivity.
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Automate what you couldn't before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends – see how it works

The next wave of automation software

Ride the next wave of automation

Our software is tailored to automate your workflows that involve images, documents or text
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Without a single
line of code

Powerful AI under the hood but intuitive and simple enough
for anyone to use
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For businesses of
all sizes

Get access to the most advanced AI technology that scales on your behalf from startup to enterprise
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Getting started is easy

An intuitive interface that covers your automation needs – from start to finish

Play button
Define your workflow
Connect a data source, choose your AI Block, and define the actions to take.
Floppy disk
Upload training data
Feed your custom model with some initial data via drag & drop.
Train your custom AI
The machine automatically learns from your data with a simple click of a button.
Model training screen
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Let the model improve itself
Your AI will ask for input when unsure and automatically learns from them.
Illustration of human-in-the-loop process
Mareile Woelwer from Vetevo
We never used machine learning in our lab before but Levity's solution provided a big benefit.
Mareile Woelwer
CEO, Vetevo
Florian Richter from Everystay
Getting dev capacities is always a struggle. Levity enables me to just build AI automations myself.
Moritz Wahrlich
Business Analyst, Hear.com
Jason Conner from Kuehne + Nagel
We built an AI in 30 mins to review our contractor onboarding docs — without a single data scientist.
Vu Francois
CPO, Soko


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Use cases

Check out our full showcase here

Ads media analysis
Predict the performance of ads prior to testing

Predict the performance of ads prior to testing

How well is this ad set going to perform? Not sure, test it. Or use Levity instead.
Product HS Codes
HS code classification

HS code classification

Our AI platform lets you automatically categorize products according to HS codes based on the product image and description.
Check documents for completeness
Check documents for missing inputs

Check documents for missing inputs

Automatically verify if documents are signed and contain all the input you require.
Categorize service requests
Categorize service requests

Instantly categorize service requests

Levity enables professionals in various industries to rapidly sort incoming requests by work type, region, or urgency.
Get customer insights at scale

Understand customer insights at scale

Instantly classify incoming product reviews, client call notes, and customer feedback to specific products or features.
Categorize Instagram photos

Turn Instagram graphics into data you can use

Tag and categorize social media images according to your needs
Check onboarding documents

Customer onboarding

A smooth onboarding process is key to reduce time to value. Levity automatically analyzes customer documents in real-time and notifies your team when files are complete.
Filter startup databases

Intelligently filter startup databases

Find out if startups actually fit your investment scope by analyzing their descriptions.
Categorize email by content

Upgrade your inbox with custom email tags

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze thousands of emails, based on historic patterns.

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