Our story

We founded this company on the belief that AI should not be the privilege of tech companies that hire and build data science teams.



Des Traynor

Co-Founder of Intercom

Gil Dibner

Partner at Angular Ventures

James Wise

Partner at Balderton Capital

Kevin Gidney

VP AI/ML at DocuSign

Mike Chalfen

Partner at Chalfen Ventures

Scott Belsky

Chief Product Officer at Adobe

Our story – the slightly longer version

When we started out, we were looking for a tool ourselves that would allow us to automate workflows that require cognitive abilities – i.e. human-like intelligence. We knew enough about these technologies that we could build it for ourselves, and yet we thought that the process was nowhere near user-friendly.

We already knew that many of the steps of building AI systems were highly repetitive and had to be done over and over again: Collect, label and store data, train a model in the cloud, test and improve, put it in production, and correct errors on the fly. When we went out into the market, there was nothing like it – otherwise we would have taken it and moved on.

At the same time, we had spoken to numerous people who were struggling with the same things we had encountered. And that's when we decided to build Levity.