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A personal toolbox to handle your recurring tasks
Extract text icon
Extract Text
Instantly pull out essential information from text data and log it into your tools to generate key insights.
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classify text icon
Classify  Text
Quickly categorize text data into different labels to sort and prioritize your daily tasks.
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Generate text icon
Generate Text
Automatically draft engaging responses and content so you don’t have to start from scratch.
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Summarize text icon
Summarize Text
Effortlessly condense lengthy documents, articles, and reports into concise, easy-to-digest summaries.
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Gmail logoClassification iconSlack logoGeneration icon
To prioritize your most important conversations
Classify incoming emails, send a slack notification and generate a draft reply.
Zendesk logoSummarize IconClassification iconGeneration icon
To improve customer support response time and quality
Summarize lengthy tickets, classify by topic, assign to the correct agent and generate a draft reply.
Shopify logoExtraction icongmail logo markGeneration icon
To ensure efficient and productive operations
Extract product specifications from orders and generate a personalized confirmation email.

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