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Say goodbye to your email chaos through an AI automation boost. Connect Levity with your Gmail account and enjoy the peace of an organized inbox.

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Gmail is a free email service offered by Google. It provides users with an intuitive interface and powerful features such as storage, labels, filters, and search capabilities.

What can I do with Levity and Gmail?

With Levity’s AI power, you can automate workflows that involve the categorization of your incoming Gmail emails based on their body content or attachment. Forget about manual sorting and move through your inbox at superspeed to quickly find your most important emails.

Here are just some of ways our users use Levity + Gmail:

  • Label interested leads in cold outbound responses and draft email replies with chatGPT.
  • Categorize incoming email attachments and route them to the relevant Dropbox folder.
  • Detect interested leads and log their information to Google Sheets, or update their status in Salesforce.

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