Let's build the future together

Our mission is to make AI available for everyone. And we will get there faster with your help!

Hackers & painters

Marketing said "pictures make us more relatable" but it's Corona season. And since we rarely took pictures of us while working together, it's either stock photos with watermarks, portraits from our younger selfs (such as below), or a few intense minutes on Google. We went with the last.

How we work

We put customers first

We build products our customers love.

We collaborate

We are more than just the sum of our parts if we are working as a team.

We believe in diversity

We believe that diverse groups deliver better results.

We trust each other

The absence of micromanagement is our path to great  results.

We live simplicity

We do not only incorporate simplicity in our products, we live it.

We are concise

Short (or no) meetings, fast iterations and efficient communication.

Open Positions

We are constantly recruiting for a variety of engineering and business roles

Missing your dream role? Tell us what we are missing out on

What's included?

Competitive package

Are you an entrepreneur? So are we. All full-time positions come with a salary + equity package.

Flexible vacation

You need a break? Go for it! We don't count vacation days or office hours.

Effective training

You want to move to the next level? You know best what's needed and we get you there.

Modern equipment

Tired of writing code with pen and paper? We got you covered with your equipment of choice.

Sofia SilvaDivider
“If it wasn't for Levity, I'd be happily working elsewhere.”
Sofia Silva
UX Researcher
Arne WolfewiczDivider
“I love it when someone already reacted on a Slack message because then I can just click that emoji too.”
Business Development
Milan JoseDivider
“We even use this Github.”
Filippo NigroDivider
“I had to migrate our CRM. Twice. Within three weeks.”
Business Development