How Project Apollo is transforming freight brokerage email operations with Levity



Project Apollo, a comprehensive and fast-growing logistics software company, specializes in providing innovative solutions in the freight industry. With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness, Project Apollo sought a partner capable of revolutionizing their email-based communication to carriers with a focus on quoting and tendering freight.

"We considered other options but none offered the same kind of flexibility that Levity brought to the table."

Ken Apple

Co-Founder, Project Apollo

The Challenge

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of freight, Project Apollo is facing the challenge of adapting to rapidly changing market conditions and ever increasing shipper demands. Traditional methods of quoting and tendering freight were cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring manual handling of high volumes of emails from both shippers and carriers. This manual process leads to slow operations, low bid response rates, and increases the risk of errors and inefficiencies, hampering Project Apollo's ability to scale their operations and grow fast. They were looking for a way to allow brokerages to grow without adding headcount.

Mareile Woelwer from Vetevo
We never used machine learning in our lab before but Levity's solution provided a big benefit.
Mareile Woelwer
CEO, Vetevo
Florian Richter from Everystay
Getting dev capacities is always a struggle. Levity enables me to just build AI automations myself.
Moritz Wahrlich
Business Analyst,
Jason Conner from Kuehne + Nagel
We built an AI in 30 mins to review our contractor onboarding docs — without a single data scientist.
Vu Francois
CPO, Soko

The Solution

Levity emerged as the perfect solution to Gulf Relay's challenges. By seamlessly integrating with Project Apollo's shared email inboxes, rating engine and their TMS, Levity was able to help them achieve completely automated, end-to-end freight tendering and quote handling. The automation includes categorizing incoming emails, extracting load details from any email format, and pushing the details of the carrier’s responses back  to the TMS, all in the background, allowing brokerages to manage an email-based competitive spot bid process with zero human involvement

Gulf Relay was looking for a partner that can act fast and connect to a proprietary TMS. Within less than three weeks from starting the implementation the first version was live and battle tested.

"We passed some emails through Levity, and it was able to extract the exact information we were looking for with surprising accuracy. We haven’t seen an error yet in our approach when carriers respond, which convinced us of its effectiveness."

Ken Apple

Co-Founder, Project Apollo

Results and impact on the business

The impact on the business was very visible from day one. People are saving hundreds of hours every month that were spent on mundane work and focus on building relationships. Carriers who were too small to have a digital footprint were now able to participate in digital spot freight, improving spot coverage.

On top of that, many transactions become instantaneous even though they’re happening via email. Through the Levity-powered integration with Project Apollo, brokerages are now able to scale their operations and grow their business without throwing people at the problem of email communication.

"Levity does the human tasks that humans don't want to actually do. It gets humans out from the inbox and focusing on the business."

Ken Apple

Co-Founder, Project Apollo

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