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Supercharge your customer service team with AI

Levity's cloud-based AI platform automatically makes sense of unstructured data to empower your agents with actionable guidance.

Supercharge your customer service team with AI

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Customer Service teams are life savers, both for customers and the company offering the service. Without them, it's light out.

At the same time, those teams often find themselves thinly staffed and under pressure to deliver a high level of productivity.

There are plenty solutions to help cope with these demands and we are adding Levity to the stack which lets you automate tedious and repetitive tasks around customer tickets, emails, attachments, and lots of other unstructured data in your processes.

How we are helping your peers

Text analysis

Categorize service requests

Levity enables professionals in various industries to rapidly sort incoming requests by work type, region, or urgency.
Text analysis

Categorize email by content

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze thousands of emails, based on historic patterns.
Image analysis

Content moderation

Levity scans through images and text in a blink of an eye so your content moderation team can focus on ambivalent cases and get things done.
Document analysis

Tag email attachments

Sort your files and save time by tagging your email attachments with Levity.
Text analysis

Categorize support tickets

Levity allows your customer service agents to spend more time on important customers by automatically tagging incoming service requests.
Text analysis

Sentiment analysis

Use Levity to extract the tone of messages instantly, even on a large scale.
Text analysis

Analyze text messages

Levity sorts through incoming SMS messages, giving your employees more time with customers.
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Levity is designed to exchange information between different applications. We have built-in support for many popular apps and a robust API.
Google Sheets
Levity API

Rise above mundane tasks