Artificial Intelligence for modern Operations teams

High-output companies require high-performance operations. Use Levity to turn images, text data, and documents into actionable information.

Artificial Intelligence for modern Operations teams

Doing more with less

As an Operations Manager, the constant song from management goes as follows: Better quality, higher output, and at lower cost. The team says thank you.

If you are working at a modern organization, there may be plenty of tools around to help you streamline your processes: Zapier, Integromat, Bubble, or RPA.

But you will also know that conventional tools stop when unstructured data needs to be analyzed intelligently. And that's where Levity comes into play!

How we are helping your peers

Document analysis

Check documents for completeness

Automatically verify if documents are signed and contain all the input you require.
Text analysis

Categorize service requests

Levity enables professionals in various industries to rapidly sort incoming requests by work type, region, or urgency.
Document analysis

Check onboarding documents

A smooth onboarding process is key to reduce time to value. Levity automatically analyzes customer documents in real-time and notifies your team when files are complete.
Text analysis

Categorize email by content

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze thousands of emails, based on historic patterns.
Image analysis

Content moderation

Levity scans through images and text in a blink of an eye so your content moderation team can focus on ambivalent cases and get things done.
Image analysis

Insurance claims processing

Use Levity to examine claims and automate documentation even before they reach your team.
Image analysis

Visual quality inspection

With Levity, you can identify defects in your production lines early so you can achieve high-quality standards at a fraction of the cost.
Image analysis

Auto-tag real estate images

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze and detect thousands of images such as room type, home features, furniture quality, and more!
Document analysis

Tag email attachments

Sort your files and save time by tagging your email attachments with Levity.
Text analysis

Analyze text messages

Levity sorts through incoming SMS messages, giving your employees more time with customers.
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Levity is designed to exchange information between different applications. We have built-in support for many popular apps and a robust API.
Google Sheets
Levity API

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