Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers

You manage stakeholders, we help you make better decisions: Use Levity to build prototypes and fully functional AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers

So many ideas, so little capacity

As if the existing backlog wasn't enough, every third conversation starts with "What if..." followed by even higher expectations.

From our own experience we know that the conversation often stalls when it comes to adding machine learning, or deep learning more specifically. If you think that engineers are scarce, try to find one who really knows machine learning. And AutoML is great for some things – but customization is limited.

We are aiming to make this experience as simple as possible by allowing users to go fully no-code or use our platform through the API as a managed ML service – custom to your data and with human-in-the-loop included.

How we are helping your peers


Get customer insights at scale

Instantly classify incoming product reviews, client call notes, and customer feedback to specific products or features.

Check onboarding documents

A smooth onboarding process is key to reduce time to value. Levity automatically analyzes customer documents in real-time and notifies your team when files are complete.

Social listening

Your customers are telling you what they want from your brand. Levity helps you cut through the noise and prioritize insights - automatically.

Categorize app crash reports

Leverage a custom AI to analyze crash and bug reports from any data source.

Insurance claims processing

Use Levity to examine claims and automate documentation even before they reach your team.

Auto-tag real estate images

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze and detect thousands of images such as room type, home features, furniture quality, and more!

Analyze text responses of surveys

Levity can segment your customer feedback based on the sentiment and can uncover underlying patterns.
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Levity is designed to exchange information between different applications. We have built-in support for many popular apps and a robust API.
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